DinnerDork [ ˈdi-nərˈdȯrk ]


Using freshly grated cheeses in cooking and for garnish can make a good dish great, but grating cheese can be messy and time consuming. Most people who’ve tasted prepackaged shredded cheeses and freshly grated cheese will agree that the freshly grated variety is far superior, but again – the mess and time!

A simple trick for faster and neater cheese grating is to place the cheese in the freezer for 10 – 20 minutes before grating. The colder temperature will help to make the cheese more solid and less sticky, meaning it won’t stick to your hands or the grater as much, making faster, cleaner work of enjoying the luxury of freshly grated cheese!

Don’t forget the importance of using the right equipment! A rotary cheese grinder not only does the work faster and safer, but is often easier to clean with less waste, and a good quality hand grater with comfort grip will allow you to work quickly if manual grating is your preference.

Rotary Cheese Grater – Fast and Efficient (click to view)

Comfort handle Hand Grater (click to view)


Freshly grated cheese is a simple, but accessible culinary indulgence.