Thanks for visiting My name is AJ and I founded DinnerDork to teach my husband how to cook, and help other home-cooks master some of the challenges we all face in this place called adulthood. I’m a busy mom, wife and IT professional, facing  many competing responsibilities every day. Can you relate? DinnerDork has been my answer to wanting to nourish my loved ones the way my parents nourished me – with delicious, varied, homemade dinners that everyone looks forward to at the end of our busy days.

I grew up in a culinary family. My parents displayed love through food, and each mastered a different realm of loving. My dad and uncles are trained chefs and my mom was a self-taught home-baker.  I learned how to cook at an early age, and started sharing my love of cooking with others at my first opportunity. Founding DinnerDork has allowed me to share my love of cooking with the world – in a way that’s easy to love and implement in real homes, where home-cooks are forced to choose between nourishing their families with delicious , and catering to demanding jobs, household and other responsibilities. DinnerDork makes is easier to truly have, do and enjoy it all.

In reality, no matter how much we know that homemade foods are the best way to shower our loved ones with love and nourishment, mealtime can become a boring cycle of the same repeated meals. No matter how much time we have, there’s usually never enough, and meal planning can be time consuming and laborious. Trying new flavors and dishes can be intimidating and wasteful without time-tested, easy-to-follow recipes that are worth the money we spend on groceries and the time we spend in the kitchen.

DinnerDork addresses all of this and more, with:

  • Lifestyle friendly meal plans and recipes.
  • Seasonally appropriate meal plans and recipes that are diverse and easy to master the first time they’re prepared.
  • Integrated, pre-populated shopping lists that are categorized and sorted to make grocery shopping easy. You’ll always know exactly what to buy, how much to buy, and where to find it in the store.
  • Technology that allows members to access everything they need on their computers, tablets, or smart-phones whenever and wherever they cook.
  • Full access to every meal plan, every recipe and every grocery shopping list from every cuisine type we offer.
  • The ability to easily create your own custom meal plans and grocery shopping lists if you need to feed a diverse group, or simply don’t care for a recipe we’ve included in the weekly meal plans.

At DinnerDork, we promise to deliver all of this in advance, so that you can shop and cook where and when you want, in a way that’s thoughtful and delicious. DinnerDork members receive their new meal plans, recipes and coordinated shopping list each week; a full-week ahead of when when they’ll be enjoying the meal plan. We aren’t an expensive grocery delivery service that restricts you to eating from their suppliers, needs to be managed and scheduled to avoid spoiled food or missed deliveries, and doesn’t give you the flexibility to use coupons, make simple substitutions or shop in your favorite stores. We are affordable on any budget, flexible to your needs and portable so you can cook and shop wherever you choose!

Look around our website  to learn more about DinnerDork and understand how we’re helping thousands of people enjoy home-cooked meals  that are delicious and exciting. If you have any questions or concerns contact us.

I hope you’ll give us try, and see how we can make dinner easier and more delicious for you and your loved ones.  Join DinnerDork today and start enjoying delicious, well planned dinners, that amount to Dinner Made Easy!

Thanks for allowing me to share our story with you,