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Enjoy stress-free, home cooked meals that are wholesome and delicious.


Get menus for dinner every night, including detailed recipes and organized shopping lists.


Save time, money, and eliminate the hassle of meal planning.


Stress less. Eat better.

Three Ways to Delicious!

Enjoy limitless menus and recipes from all 3 lifestyle options…

Traditional Tastes

Delicious, wholesome favorites that the entire family can enjoy!

Light and Fit

Full flavor, lower calorie meals that scrumptiously fuel your body with 500 calories or less!

Quick Cuisine

Short on time, full on flavor. Yummy meals that are on the table in 30 minutes or less!

How it Works

You'll receive...

  • Three complete dinner menus for everyday: Traditional Tastes, Light and Fit, and Quick Cuisine meals.

  • Recipes with instructions that make it easy for anyone to cook delicious meals, whether your a kitchen newbie or a seasoned professional.

  • Sorted shopping lists that include everything you need to make amazing meals at home.

  • Freedom to change serving sizes and mix-and-match recipes from every meal plan.

Our Time. Your Table.

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Packed with Features!

Enjoy Deliciousness



DinnerDork meals are deliciously diverse, with easy to master recipes.

Know What You're Eating



Every recipe includes detailed nutritional information.

Save Valuable Time



Recipes are written in simple terms. Each recipe has a full color picture, with adjustable servings.

Cooking becomes quick and it easy!

Take Control of Your Eating



You’ll get full access to daily menus for Traditional Tastes, Light and Fit, and Quick Cuisine. Mix-and-match to satisfy your palette. Plus, you have access to every recipe – even more options that you can easily add to your menu and shopping list.

Simplify Grocery Shopping



You’ll save time at the grocery store with a pre-sorted shopping list, containing everything you need.

Shop right from your smartphone.

Your Dinner. Your Device.



DinnerDork where and how you like – on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Free 30-day trial!

Risk free! Try it free for 30 days!

Stress less. Eat better.

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A word from some of our home cooks…

I love that DinnerDork changed our lives. No more grabbing random take-out, or trying to cook boring food. Now my husband and I look forward to cooking and eating together. We love it! Allison Martin

There’s a week full of dinner menus, and a shopping list that tells me exactly where to find each item in the store. The recipe instructions are easy to follow. I just log in and shop from the list on my phone, then log in and make dinner from the recipes each night. Austin Davis

The food is so good! I’ve tried so many foods and food pairings that I wouldn’t have tried on my own. I’m becoming the foodie I’ve always wanted to be, except that it’s so simple – all of the hard work is done for me. Becca Strywicski

Free 30-day trial!


Try DinnerDork free for 30 days.


Stress less. Eat better.


Gain Access Now!