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How to Eat a Cantaloupe

Summer, the season of healthy and delicious fruit, has officially started. You’ll find a host of fresh berries, melons and assorted fruits at your local grocer, providing a variety of options for breakfast, lunch, snack-time and dessert.

Kick-off the season with these sensory tips for picking the perfect cantaloupe:

  • Look for melons with a lot of yellow in the skin. Pay close attention to the color between the webbed portions of the cantaloupe – if it’s still green the melon hasn’t ripened yet.
  • An ideally ripened melon will be firm, with a bit of give when squeezed. If it’s too firm with no give – it isn’t ripe enough. If it’s too soft and squishy – it’s overripe.
  • If a cantaloupe is ripe it’ll have a sweet aroma – discernible through the skin. If the melon has no odor – it isn’t ripe. If it smells pungent or musty – it’s beyond the prime stage.

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