DinnerDork [ \ˈdi-nər\\ˈdȯrk\ ]


Hard-boiled eggs with tough, green yolks. We’ve seen it. We’ve been guilty of it. Well, we’ve lived with it for far too long! The saying “easy as cooking an egg” isn’t without basis. Follow these easy steps for the perfect hard boiled eggs every time:

  • Pick a sauce-pan with a lid
  • Place your raw eggs into the sauce pan and cover with just enough water to cover the eggs




  • Place on the stovetop and set to high
  • Cover the eggs
  • Keep the stovetop on high until the water comes to a raging boil
  • Once boiling, turn the stovetop off
  • Place the covered pot of eggs on another burner that’s cool, a trivet, or another room-temperature surface
  • Set a timer for (15) minutes
  • After 15 minutes drain the warm water from the pot and replace with cold water
  • Let stand until you’re ready to peel your eggs.
  • Enjoy!

That’s it – easy as cooking an egg!