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DinnerDork provides weekly meal plans, recipes,  customizable shopping lists and instruction that save you precious time and money. It’s all about the fusion of love for family, food and fun. Providing the tools and support you need to nourish your family with meals that are: delicious and wholesome, deliberate and seasonally appropriate, while minimizing the stress of planning, shopping, preparing and serving.

DinnerDork meal plans consists of recipes for main dish and side dish(es). Recipes can be viewed online, in the DinnerDork app or printed. Everything is always accessible form your computer, smart-phone or tablet.

Each recipe includes:

  • Detailed step-by-step instructions
  • At least one full-color picture
  • Nutritional information
  • Dynamic serving size adjustments
  • Prep, cooking and passive time guidelines


Meals | Easy, efficient and delicious

  • Meal plans: Delicious dinner menus, complete with recipes for every dinner
  • Recipes: Detailed ingredients, preparation, pairings and serving instructions
  • Full color pictures of each recipe


Choose the DinnerDork meal plan that fits your lifestyle and tastes, while always having access to meal plans and recipes from all of the DinnerDork meal plans.

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Join today!

DinnerDork is fully accessible via all computers, tablets or smart phone browsers. Many members also enjoy the DinnerDork app for iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows devices.