Dinner Dork [ \ˈdi-nər\\ˈdȯrk\ ] | Terms of Service

1. DinnerDork is a menu planning service that provides recipes, shopping lists and other support tools on a subscription basis. At the end of your subscription term, your credit card will be automatically re-billed for the next month. This automatic re-billing will occur unless you cancel before your next billing date. If you would like to cancel, you may do so from the Members portal. Your cancellation must be submitted via the Members portal before the next billing date. There will be no refunds for late cancellations.

2. Weekly content is available each Monday in the Members portal. Content remains on the site and is available to all active members. If membership is cancelled, access to member-only content is forfeited.

3. DinnerDork content may not be distributed or copied without expressed written consent from DinnerDork. Each subscription is to be used for one household only. DinnerDork reserves the right to hold/cancel subscriptions if a member is suspected of sharing access, copying or distributing DinnerDork content to non-members.  Suspected accounts will be placed on hold, pending investigation. The findings of investigation are immediate, binding and permanent. Any member who is found guilty of violating this agreement will not be entitled to receive a refund.

4. Nutritional information accompanying recipes is presented as an approximation. Data is calculated based upon specific brands, sources and products which may vary from the actual brands, sources and products used.

5. DinnerDork content is not presented to replace, accompany, modify or substitute for the services of certified physicians, dietitians or other healthcare professionals. All members should retain appropriate professional advice before beginning any eating or diet plan.

6. DinnerDork cooking and preparation times are approximations which may vary according to location, equipment and ingredients. Members should always refer to cooking thermometers and the manufacturer of their cooking hardware to determine the “done-ness” of all recipes.

7. DinnerDork assumes no responsibility for the outcome of recipes and menus presented by this service.