Facebook Ad

Below is a screenshot of my approved Facebook ad. I had to rework it several times to satisfy the \< 20% text rule. I’m trying this ad across two different audiences, and only spending $5/day for the next three days to gauge performance.

Thus far (pretty early in the game since my ad has been live for less than 24 hours) my stats are:

CTR: 1.478%

uCTR: 1.493%

Page 1 of scrolling ad


Screen 2 of scrolling Facebook ad

Screen 2 of scrolling Facebook ad

Landing Page

My landing page is here:  Limited Time Offer: Get DinnerDork for Only $6/month!

Confirmation Email

Confirmation Email

Welcome Email Containing the Offer

Welcome Email with Discount – I fixed a few typos, just haven’t uploaded the corrected version here yet.